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Easily replace In-App Purchase in your mobile apps and pay 5% instead of 30%.
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Standard > $5
5% + $0.35
30% or 15%
Micro < $5
8% + $0.10
30% or 15%
Payment Methods
Cards, PayPal® and more
iOS®, Android™ and Web
Tax Compliance
Handles international tax compliance by acting as Merchant of Record.
Instant Checkout

Same look and feel, but more features

Your users feel right at home. And you will get access to a more flexible checkout process.

Similar UI/UX - Users immediately recognize the typical flair of the native checkout overlay.

Integrated upselling - One of the most successful upselling strategies is recommending additional or better deals directly in the checkout. We provide that feature.

Cross-platform - Enable customers to manage all their payment methods, subscriptions, and purchases within your SaaS solution or website and your apps.

No lost conversions - If buyers still prefer the native In-App Purchase, we provide a fully integrated fallback with individual pricing capabilities.

Easy migration

Switching to is a matter of minutes. Your developers will love it.

Identical APIs - We replicated the native SDK and REST interfaces so that developers only need to replace the libraries.

Instant migration - We migrate existing products, purchases, and subscriptions fully automated and on the fly.


The best tool to sell digital goods and subscriptions is not just a replacement for the native In-App Purchase. It's also a comprehensive e-commerce solution for SaaS businesses.

Instant Checkout

One-click subscriptions and upgrades transform any purchase intention into revenue.

Subscription Upselling

Optimize your upselling strategy and allow your customers to add more features to their base subscription.

Affiliate Tools

Grow your affiliate network effortlessly and reward your trusted partners easily with our affiliate toolset.

Revenue Delivery

Streamline revenue growth across acquisition, renewals, and expansion.
Support all the payment methods your customers prefer without all the integration hassle. We‘ve done that work for you.
Reduce failed subscription payments with alternative payment methods, smart retries, and dunning campaigns out of the box.
Scale your business while we handle international sales tax compliance, localized prices, and a multitude of currencies as your Merchant of Record.
When will’s checkout be available?

As soon as the court order allows alternatives to the native In-App Purchase, we will officially launch our product. You can get access to our checkout earlier via the waiting list. That way, you can already implement and test the new checkout in advance.

What is a Merchant of Record, and why do I need it for international payments?

One of the key benefits of selling through is taking the entire burden of managing sales tax, VAT, and GST away from you. We can do this because we act as a Merchant of Record.

From a legal point of view, this means that acts as a reseller of your product. is, therefore, the “seller on record.” This way, will be responsible for collecting and paying sales tax, VAT, and GST instead of you.

Can I sell without a Merchant of Record?

Laws across the world require you to collect sales tax on digital products wherever your customers are. It also means that you must make monthly or quarterly tax filings in each country where you sell your product. A company focused on its customers and products does not want to deal with this vast amount of bureaucracy., as a Merchant of Record, simplifies the effort dramatically. Instead of hundreds or thousands of transactions that have to be reported internationally, only one transaction is processed with every week or month.

Nevertheless, if you monitor, collect and report Sales Tax, VAT, and GST on your own, you can use without Merchant of Record functionality. In this case, the tax liability and the associated compliance costs are entirely your responsibility. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss an individual offer.

Does support tax inclusive and exclusive pricing?

Vendors can choose how they want to handle sales tax. There are two options available to you as a seller;
- Include tax in the price (inclusive pricing)
- Add tax to the price (exclusive pricing)

By setting inclusive prices, the price you’ve input will be the price the customer sees, and the sales tax will come of out this price. Whereas, if you choose to have the tax added, we will add the % rate of tax the customer is due to pay (e.g., 19% in Germany, 18% in Spain, etc.) on top of the product price you’ve set.

Does support subscription-based sales models?

The subscription billing model, also known as repeating billing or SaaS, is fully supported by It’s flexible setup allows you to determine billing periods, trials, price modifiers, pro-ration, and per-use billing. It also enables you to move users between and cancel plans. All operations are available both via the dashboard and our API.

How significant are my cost savings with

To cut a long story short: the cost savings are substantial. For a better overview, we have compiled a table that compares our rate with that of Apple®. Both with the Standard Rate of 30% and the Reduced Rate of 15% (which applies in some cases).

Retail price cost savings in relation to Apple®'s Standard Fee cost savings in relation to Apple®'s Reduced Fee
0% (*)

(*) We plan to integrate an automatic fallback to the native In-App Purchase in this edge case.

What is the difference between Apple Pay® and In-App Purchase, and will support Apple Pay®?

Apple Pay® is a payment solution, which Apple® does not allow to be used for in-app purchases of digital goods within an app. The primary difference between Apple Pay® and the In-App Purchase is that In-App Purchase is a reselling model where Apple® acts as Merchant of Record. In contrast, Apple Pay® merely plays a role in the payment transaction, which gets handed off to a payment gateway.

There are two ways in how we can integrate Apple Pay® on a technical level. Provided Apple® will allow us to use Apple Pay®, we will also integrate Apple Pay® as a payment method.

Will Apple® allow as an alternative?

Apple® is forced by court order to allow alternatives to its own In-App Purchase. The exact interpretation by Apple® and perhaps also later by further court proceedings remains to be seen. Thanks to the financial giant Epic Games®, a worthy player will firmly ensure that the interpretations will not be detrimental to third parties.

We evaluated all possible scenarios and designed three implementations, which we will roll out according to the situation. The UI shown in the screenshots represents our favorite approach. The two other concepts provide the same feature set but look slightly different.

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Instant Checkout